There was once a crazy web design customer named Sally who had a very specific vision for her website. She wanted it to be bright pink, with sparkly graphics and a scrolling banner that played a song from her favourite 90s pop group.

As the web design team began working on Sally’s website, they quickly realised that she was not going to be an easy client to please. She constantly called and emailed with new requests and changes, including adding a photo of her cat as the background image and a pop-up window that played a clip of her singing karaoke.

Despite their best efforts, the web design team struggled to keep up with Sally’s wild ideas. They tried to gently steer her towards more professional and cohesive design choices, but Sally was determined to have her website exactly as she wanted it.

As the deadline for the website launch approached, the team began to worry that they would never be able to satisfy Sally’s eccentric requests. But somehow, they managed to pull it all together and launch the website on time.

To their surprise, Sally was thrilled with the final product. She loved the bright pink colour scheme, the sparkly graphics, and the scrolling banner that played her favourite 90s pop song. She even added a review on the web design company’s website, praising them for their creativity and patience.

From then on, Sally became a loyal customer of the web design team, and they learned to embrace her wild ideas and quirkiness. In the end, they all had a good laugh about the crazy web design journey they had been on together.

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