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As we do not actively market ourselves, we can assume that you have landed here due to a recommendation or you have met one of our team and have been given a business card. If you have one of our business cards, you will note that there are no phone numbers, no emails and no social media links. We did this on purpose!

The majority of business cards these days are handed out far too often, in our opinion. We only hand our cards out to people that we genuinely think will benefit from our help and expertise (we have certain questions that we ask, that tell us what kind of client you would be). With that in mind, we left out our contact details (apart from our website address) off of our business cards on purpose. Because if you are serious about improving your sales and business, you would have made the effort to visit this website, right?

This is also our first lesson to our clients, the only people that you want to view your website, are potential clients. Having a thousand visitors a day, doesn’t guarantee a boost in profit. It’s far better to have only five (5) website visitors a week, if three (3) of them are going to be customers!

Would you agree?

If you do agree and you have read this far, you should spend a few more minutes in finding out what makes us different (scroll down and you’ll see an example). If, however, you do not have the time to read on, you are not the type of client we would work with.

An Example Of How Consiliuma Thinks


Below you will see a couple of images, these are screen shots from inside the brochure we designed for the Bentley Bentayga launch in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first one is the one that they sent us to produce. The second one is the one we suggested and the one that was published and given to some extremely important Indonesian Billionaires.

Getting Bentley (and Forbes) as a client was an intense moment, telling them that we believed their design could be better, was even more intense. Can you imagine emailing your biggest client, one of the most respected brands in the world, that they were wrong?

I (not my team) panicked when I told them what I thought would work better for them. But I truly believe what I said to them and would stand behind it all day long. And it did stand up, they agreed and we went with my/our version.

The important thing was in how we told Bentley (Indonesia) that we could improve their draft.

The first thing that stood out to me, was the fact they had a photo of this beautiful car from a distance, it could have been anybody’s SUV. We can all take photos of cars from a distance. This is a photo of a car that anyone could have taken.

I wanted a photo that only an owner could have taken.

Bentley Indonesia's Version

The only people that would receive these brochures, were previous Bentley owners, only fifty were printed. And in Indonesia, there is a three hundred percent (300%) markup tax on any imported, luxury goods. So you can just imagine the level of wealth that would be privy to these brochures (and launch party). We really didn’t want it to feel like Top Gear/Grand Tour magazine!

The imagery and thought process that goes into your marketing and imagery is far more important than most people think. But then, most people Google for images and just share those on Facebook/Instagram etc. These people are not our client base.

So, apart from the image and the thought process it created, the layout of the wording on the left needing looking at too.

You will notice, that I/we did not change any of the wording, but there were some delicate but important changes! We updated the font to a serif font, as used by Newspapers and Lawyers, to give it authority. We changed the orientation of the text to be “Right Justified”, for two reasons, one, it lined up with the stunning image of the Bentley dashboard and two, because Indonesia is a Muslim country, so the text “feels” as though it is flowing from right to left, as the Quran does.

Also, the Bentley logo was removed. Again, there were two reasons for this. Firstly, this is a text area, in a brochure only given to Bentley owners, would they be impressed by a logo, from a product that they already own/owned? We don’t think so, do you?

Secondly, the picture of the dashboard that we introduced, had the world famous “Flying Spurs” front and centre! As a Bentley owner, you would be used to this emblem on your steering wheel. Being used to something, make you, as a buyer, comfortable and at ease.

The launch was a huge success! (The Macallan and Forbes were also part of this launch and brochure.)

If you have read (and understood) all of this, you are likely to be the kind of client we can assist. Be warned though, we are control freaks, we are passionate and we will tell you what we think, not what you want to hear. Are you good with that?

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Consiliuma's Version

If your client hires you because of your expertise, regardless of price, it means your client has the intelligence to appreciate your ability and knowledge. These are also, generally, successful clients that spend their own time on what they are good at, they only hire you for what you are best at!

Chris – Consiliuma

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